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Sales of E-bikes in all styles and categories are booming in Colorado, in part thanks to a government sponsored program that issues a $450 discount coupon. All you need to do is go to to get your coupon. Prices were already down due to an inventory glut throughout the industry, and the coupon makes this year the best time to throw a leg over an E-bike for a test ride. I have never seen a customer return from an E-bike test ride without a smile.

Although we sell a lot of E-bikes in the recreation categories (mountain, road, and gravel bikes), I'm most interested in the commuter segment. A properly equipped (saddlebags, lights, lock, etc) commuter E-bike can literally change your life. You can ride to work without arriving sweaty, and you can execute most of your errands without using your car. Should it really take six cylinders and two hundred horse power to transport a bag of groceries across town? With the bike path system that we have in Boulder, it's an absolute pleasure getting around town on an E-bike.

A few tips:

It's a good idea to buy your E-bike in person, at a bike shop rather than online. Most shops only service E-bikes that they sold, so you can get stranded with no place to get your bike fixed. Warranty issues are also handled most efficiently at your local store.

Keep your cadence (rpm of your pedal strokes) high. Try to keep it above seventy-five rpm, and you'll get better performance from the motor.

Top off your tire pressure every couple of weeks.

Lastly, give it a try! You can get just as much exercise as with your regular bike, but you'll go faster and farther!

Doug Emerson on a ride on vacationDoug Emerson on vacationDoug Emerson on vacationDoug Emerson on vacationDoug Emerson on vacation

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