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Community Table Podcast

Community Table Podcast

Gather around the table with us as we talk food, culture, hospitality and a colorful brushstroke of all kinds of other cool topics with some of Colorado's (and beyond's) most righteous people. 

Episode #4:

In this episode of 'Community Table,' host Dave Query reconnects with Doug Emerson, owner of the iconic University Bikes in Boulder. They reminisce about their 35-year friendship and discuss everything from immigration to employee handbooks. They delve into the impact of COVID-19 on the bike industry, the rise of electric bikes, and discuss the challenges and joys of running a longstanding business. Doug also shares insights on Boulder’s evolution and the importance of offering exceptional customer service in retail.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:28 Meet Doug Emerson
03:22 COVID-19 Impact on the Bike Industry
05:05 The Future of the Bike Industry
07:04 Service and Hospitality at University Bikes
10:38 The Rise of Electric Bikes
18:53 Challenges and Changes in Boulder
21:02 Conclusion and Farewell
21:18 Bonus: Local Music Announcement - Amaryllis

Plus, read more from Doug Emerson on E-Bikes in our Blog!


Episode 3

Have you ever thought of food as medicine? In this episode we are joined by Dr. Sabrina Falquier MD, CCMS, DipABLM to learn about the field of Culinary Medicine.

Plus, we hear from Paul Manutes, perhaps better known by his TikTok handle @paulycooks, about the role that food can play in families, careers, religions, and communities.

We’ll close things out by letting you know about Jax Hollow’s show at our live music venue & bar in Boulder, the Velvet Elk Lounge, and showing off some of her signature blues-rock singing and guitar playing.

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Episode 2

Dave Query of Big Red F talks with John Cullen, owner of the Stanley to find out more about some pretty major things happening at the iconic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

Plus, we hear from US Senator John Hickenlooper and CEO of Visit Estes Park Kara Franker about their experiences with John.

Finally, Hunter Pinkston of the Pink Stones announces their April 28th show at our live music venue & bar in Boulder, the Velvet Elk Lounge.

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Episode 1

Jax Fish House Executive Chef Sheila Lucero talks oysters with:

• Julie Qiu, - Oyster Master Guild
• Patrick Oliver - Rapphannock River Oyster Farmer
• Weatherly Bates - Alaska Shellfish Farms

Plus, we hear birthday wishes from some Jax legends from both sides of the oyster bar.

Finally, musician Thom LaFond announces his March 8th show at our cool little live music venue & bar in Boulder, Velvet Elk Lounge.

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