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Community Table Podcast

Community Table Podcast

Gather around the table with us as we talk food, culture, hospitality and a colorful brushstroke of all kinds of other cool topics with some of Colorado's (and beyond's) most righteous people. 

Episode #3:

What does food mean to you? For many, the act of cooking and eating is simply a chore they have to do a few times a day. Eat something quick and convenient to stop being hungry, get back to your life. But at Big Red F we think our listeners will agree that food is capable of being so much more. Cooking is an act of love, an act of reverence. Eating is a multi-sensory event that can stick with you for your entire life, and even be passed on through generations.

With all of this in mind…have you ever thought of food as medicine?

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Sabrina Falquier MD, CCMS, DipABLM to learn about the field of Culinary Medicine. Dr. Falquier talks through some favorite childhood memories surrounding the food in her native Mexico, discusses the role of food in modern hospitals, and gives some simple insights to help those of us who don’t have acronyms after our names unlock the full nutritional benefits of the food we eat.

Plus, we hear from Paul Manutes, perhaps better known by his TikTok handle @paulycooks, about the role that food can play in families, careers, religions, and communities.

We’ll close things out by letting you know about Jax Hollow’s show at our live music venue & bar in Boulder, the Velvet Elk Lounge, and showing off some of her signature blues-rock singing and guitar playing.


Listen to Dr. Falquier as host of Culinary Medicine Recipe podcast.

See the power of culinary medicine in action in the documentary - The Kitchenistas - Streaming on Apple TV, Google Play & Vudu, and on PBS.