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Thank You

Thank You.

Thank you all you BRF loving lovers of love – for all of your balance and sturdiness during what can only be called – a long strange trip. Lots of chatter about chaotic behavior in stores, restaurants, on airplanes and everywhere it seems. But by and large, all of you, our lovely guests, have been incredibly……..incredible. Lots of choices and divisions in all of our lives right now. And someone is always gonna feel like a minority or an outlier for taking a stand because the opposition to opinion is now as strong and loud as it’s ever been, fashionable even.

Take a minute if you can, and just listen to the other side. Stand your ground and own your beliefs – but somewhere in the middle there has got to be some faint understanding and kindness to those with different viewpoints. Chasms of division are being formed that will create some distance for a long time and that is what destroys communities, and maybe entire countries. Restaurants have long been, and will always be, one of the foundations of a thriving and bonded community. Please keep supporting your favorite restaurants. Please keep listening to your neighbors with open hearts. And please remember, opinions are like nose holes – everyone has a couple of them – all different and unique.

Thank you for keeping kindness and listening in the front of your hearts as we continue to navigate these uncertain times. Just can’t make this shit up.

Big Love,

Dave Q